Bringing Esther to Singapore.

Esther network is spreading around the world and on the September 20 three social workers from Singapore come to Jönköping County to learn more about the network in order to be able to implement it at their country.

Ms.Tan Jie Bin, Ms. Poh Soo Yee Karen and Mr. Muhammad Muzzammil Abu Hasan represent three different hospitals in Sinagpore. The management of these hospitals has previously visited our county in order to learn from good examples. Their main interest was model for integrated care and they found Esther network compelling. The management decided to send a representation from Singapore for a five weeks long training/apprenticeship with hope to be able to start a similar network in Singapore.

We’re very happy and thrilled to welcome our guests from Singapore. We appreciate your curiosity and are looking forward to see the outcome of our mutual learning. It is a great opportunity for us to see our system through your eyes and we hope that these five weeks will be unforgettable experience to all of us.

We’ve asked our guests from Singapore to write their reflections in this blog during their five weeks of stay:

  1. Tell us your reflections- what you think,not what you hear. What strikes you most.
  2. Ideas to bring home- what of the things you’ve heard/seen could be adapted in your system?
  3. Further questions. Is there anything  you’d like to beclarified?

You’re all welcome to ask questions and write comments and have a dialogue with our partners in co-learning.

Program at Qulturum Sept 22-23

Overall Trainee program for 5 weeks

Program for study visits Sept 28-29

Short presentation of our guests from Singapore

Programme October 12-14 at municipality in GIslaved and Gnosjö

More information about Esther(link to website in English)

Improvement methods 5P and flow chart. Pernilla Söderberg

Person-centered care, Annmargareth Kvarnefors