Co-learning with Qulturum

Qulturum is a center for development of improvement knowledge and innovation in healthcare. Qulturum is also the improvement unit at Region Jönköping County, located in the south of Sweden. The centre has been engaged in several programs both on a local, regional, national and international level. The focus is to support and facilitate system redesign and process improvement; to ensure learning, build capacity, provide support for staff and leaders as they make changes in the care processes and to spread good examples. Qulturum initiates and leads large-scale changes on all levels, learning programs, break-through series, sessions, conferences, and consultative support in developing methods for improvement, evaluation and research.

Every year, Qulturum – the centre for learning and innovation at Region Jönköping County, Sweden – hosts a variety of study visits. The visits are not only a way to provide our visitors information about our improvement work and methods, but also an opportunity for us to learn from the experiences of others. We are together creating, not only a worldwide network of engaged and inspired Health Care workers, but also the environment for co-learning.

This website is created for our co-learning partners to share their learning and experiences on their meetings at Region Jönköping County.

For more infomation about Qulturum, please visit Qulturum’s website

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