Welcome Slovenia!

Dominika Oroszy, MD, Head of Quality Department från University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia and Peter Pustatičnik, Head of Economic Sector  are coming to Jönköping. They are interested to learn more about our approach to quality improvement and  improvement methods but also the development of a measurement system on the macro-meso micro level ( BSC) and Patient Value Compass.

We’re looking forward to meeting you on Monday!

Warm welcome!

Programme for co-learning

Warm welcome to our guests from Australia!

We’re really looking forward to meeting our guests from The Alfred Health which a major tertiary referral teaching hospital in Melbourne, Australia. Andrew Stripp,Chris McLoughlin, Janet Weir-Phyland, Simone Alexander and Rowan Walker come to Jönköping June 17-18 in order to learn more about how we work with quality improvement and person-centered care.

We hope for a great exchange of knowledge and experiences!

Programme for co-learning with the group from Australia.

Welcome Norway!

A group from Norwegian Forum on Quality in Healthcare is coming to visit us and learn together June 8. The group’s main areas of interest are: strategies for quality development and the role of Qulturum as a quality improvement centre, how to develop knowledge and how to sustain improvements, measurementsa and also Qulturum’s engagement in national initiatives. The group also wishes to visit Medical Rehabilitation Unit at Ryhov County Hospital, which is well-known for their work with quality improvement.

We hope for a good exchange of knowledge and building networks with our collegues from Norway.

Warm welcome!

Programme for Co-learning with Norway