Site visits at Pre-festival day at Microsystem festival

Welcome to the co-creative learning at the pre-festival session where we will share with you the good examples in our health care system that came up as a result of many years with improvement work.

Shared values, competence and skills, trust, innovation, working processes, accuracy, integration and person-centeredness; all those together are quality which has been a driving force for the County’s work for many years and they are still the basis for our ambition to create a resilient system for health and care and social welfare for the citizens at Jönköping County.

In the morning, you will meet the Chief Executive of Region Jönköping County Agneta Jansmyr and Chief Executive of learning and Innovation Göran Henriks. They will share with you some facts and share with you their vision on leadership and improvement of health and care services in Jönköping County.

In the afternoon, you will be divided into three groups and each group will go for study visits to one of our three hospital districts.

You will visit different departments and units at the three hospitals in order to see the examples of improvement work where the innovative thinking, teamwork and person-centeredness were key elements to create new working processes and methods.

We appreciate it very much that we get a chance to share our experiences with you and that we will take part of all the reflections and questions that will come up during this pre-festival day. This co-creative learning will hopefully give us energy to meet all future challenges.

Programme for Site visits at Pre-Festival day