Reflections from Lean Association of Finland

Some reflections from “Lean Association of Finland” who visited Qulturum & Region Jönköping County on January 18th, 2017:

“We are very impressed that it is not only talking – but that you really show “person-centeredness” and Quality as a strategy on all levels. It seems to be natural that the patient is more  like partner than what we are used to. A new way of thinking that patients can bring new energy in improvement teams! We are hesitating and are afraid of too much complaining.

“We discussed the challenge in this approach and that it has been a long journey for Jönköping Region. In the beginning, nobody knew that this should be successful. It requires people who dare to start, a leadership to set the right goals and maybe a stubbornness to never give up. It became very clear that the start is always with yourself. Make a commitment and stick to it!”

“What I like was that the use of methods was not “pushed like a religion” but you were rather encouraged to take what method is useful in your context and your challenge. The Lean thinking already in the planning phase of new buildings was off course music in our ears.”

Petri Aukia, CEO at Condento & Olli Huuskonen, MD, Executive medical director at City of Helsinki sharing their thoughs & reflections after the visit in Jönköping:

Microbiology laboratory, Ryhov County Hospital
Radiotherapy department, Oncological clinic, Ryhov County Hospital
Radiotherapy department, Oncological clinic, Ryhov County Hospital
Radiotherapy department, Oncological clinic, Ryhov County Hospital
The red “Ester flag”.

Welcome – Lean Association of Finland!

A group from “Lean Association of Finland” is coming to us for a co-learning visit on Wednesday, January 18th.

Kalle Arsalo, Executive Director, and 25 members of the organisation  will be visiting us for a half a day  to learn more about how we are working with activities related to Lean. They will also get an introduction to Qulturum and the improvement work that is beeing carried out within Region Jönköping County.

Warm welcome to Jönköping!

Program – Lean Association of Finland