Galina comes to Jönköping to examine Patient engagement strategies in the US and Swedish Health care Quality Improvement

Galina Gheihman, M.D. Candidate, 2018 at Harvard Medical School comes  to Jönköping in order to make a comperative study on strategies to engage people with patient’s experience in the US and Swedish Health Care Quality Improvement. Galina is going to visit different places and have meetings with both healthcare professionals, quality improvement specialists, patients and relatives, community workers and leaders at the Region Jönköping County and at the Municipalities  in order to get best possible understanding of our system and our approach to person-centered care.

Welcome Galina!

Laura and Galina’s blog about their learnings from Jönköping

Video where Galina reflects on her visit to Region Jönköping County

Warm welcome Laura!

Laura Leviton is a  senior advisor for evaluation vid Robert Wood Johnson foundation–leviton–ph-d-.html. Laura visits Jönköping on June 8-12 in order to lecture at the Jönköping Academy for Improvement of Health and Welfare but also to learn more about our health and care and how different actors cooperate to create best possible value for the inhabitants. Laura is going to meet different people from Region Jönköping County, Jönköpin University, municipality of Jönköping and we are looking forward to hear about Lauras thoughts and reflections!

Programme for co-learning with Laura


Region Jönköping County, Agneta Jansmyr

Child as relative, Linda Frank

Child obesity, Linda Frank

Laura and Galina’s blog about their learnings from Jönköping

Co-learning with Qulturum

Every year, Qulturum – the centre for learning and innovation at Region Jönköping County, Sweden – hosts a variety of study visits. The visits are not only a way to provide our visitors information about our improvement work and methods, but also an opportunity for us to learn from the experiences of others. We are together creating, not only a worldwide network of engaged and inspired Health Care workers, but also an environment of co-learning.