Second week of internship at Qulturum

Here is a small summary of our second week of internship at Qulturum. In the beginning of the week we got some assignments of our own to work with on our remaining time here. We were free to interpret the assignments from our perspective. This was a fun and challenging job for us since we, as students, are used to working with a clear framework. This was a great way for us to challenge ourselves to think outside the box.

On Tuesday we visited Metodikum, where we got a guided tour of the facilities and information about the work being done here. Metodikum is the county center for clinical training and medical simulation where staff from different professions come for simulation- and/or scenario training, either individually or as a team. It was easy to see how clinical training in this environment can provide huge benefits for the health care system and for the safety of patients.

On Thursday we attended a basic education in Senior Alert, a tool designed to help health care professionals in the work with care prevention. The day included lectures mixed with group discussions where participants had the opportunity to work with the various parts of the Senior alert process from their own perspective. We participated in the discussions from a student perspective and focused on capturing the participants’ thoughts on Senior Alert as a tool in their daily work. This was a very interesting day for us and we will use the learnings from this day in the work with our thesis about the work with Senior alert.

A big thank you to everyone at Qulturum for yet another interesting and educative week.

Erica & Sanna


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