The Microsystem festival from our student perspective

We are Sanna Ek and Erica Löwhagen, two students in health care administration at the International Business School in Jönköping. We are currently doing a three-week internship at Qulturum to learn more about the work that is being done here to support quality improvement in our region.

During our first week at Qulturum we got the opportunity to participate in the annual Microsystem festival. The festival is a conference for people who work with health care improvement, but unlike most conferences it has a more festive tone.

Photo from the social media corner of the festival where we got to try out different accessories for different perspectives.

During pre-festival day we got to join a group of people from Singapore and the Netherlands on a study visit to Värnamo hospital. During the day we got to listen to representatives from the hospital who talked about improvement work in their areas of expertise.

During the main festival days, we got to take part in many interesting lectures and workshops. Our expectations were to mainly observe during the festival and listen to lectures, but we were happy to also be able to take part in the workshops and discussions. This was a great opportunity for us to improve our awareness on topics as integration in health care, patient safety, co-producing and co-learning. By being able to take part in discussions we got to develop our communication skills.

This years festival had participants from fourteen countries.


From our perspective, the Microsystem festival is a great way to spread the word on important topics and build networks between healthcare systems in different countries. It is a great opportunity for participants to learn from others and contribute with knowledge and perspective. We got the same impression from many of the festival participants – the Microsystem festival is a warm, open minded and much appreciated conference, and we both agree in this opinion.

A big thank you to Qulturum for allowing us to take part in this festival and we will make sure to take the learnings from this week with us in our future careers in our health care system.

Sanna & Erica

One thought on “The Microsystem festival from our student perspective

  1. Thank you Sanna and Erica!
    So nice to hear you say this and I´m sure you will make most of it in your comming work.
    Let´s be posibilist and be the best possible



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