Welcome Singapore Institute of Mental Health!

The entire group from Singapore (including those who only participated the second week – at the Microsystem Festival) gathered at the entrace of Qulturum.

We are happy to welcome a small group from Singapore Institute of Mental Health, which will visit us during February 20 – March 3.

The group met with several representatives from the psychiatric clinic, as well as from the Mobile Geriatic team & the Disease control unit at Ryhov County Hospital. They also had the chance to visit Höglandet Hospital in Eksjö during their stay with us. In Eksjö, the group from Singapore got to hear about the ongoing work with “Esther”.

Esther Network is a collaboration and cooperation between municipalities, primary care centers and the hospitals in Jönköping County. The common goal is to make Esther’s every day life as good as possible.

Meeting with the team at the Psychiatric clinic at Höglandssjukhuset in Eksjö. Photo: Instagram.com/regionjkpg

Finally, the group also paid a visit to the Emergency Services in Jönköping where they met with the Commander in Chief, Göran Melin. Göran described how the Emergency Services work in close collaboration with Region Jönköping County to prevent potential suicides. The group from Singapore also got the chance to take a tour of the Fire Station and try the uniforms.

The team from Singapore Institute of  Mental Health at the Fire Station in Jönköping.

During their second week in Sweden, the group from Singapore Institute of Mental Health, went to Borås (Knowledge centre for Psychiatric health) and they also participated at the International Microsystem Festival at Qulturum.

Program – Singapore Institute of Mental Health

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