Welcome to Lynn and Tara from Canada!

We have a privilage to host  Lynn Edwards, Health Services Director in Nova Scotia and Dr. Tara Sampalli, Assistant Director for Quality & Research in Primary Health Care, Capital Health and Assistant Professor of Medical Informatics at Dalhousie University, Canada who come to Jönköping October 15-16 in order to learn about our primary care system and quality initiatives. Primary health care is a provincially run system in Nova Scotia responsible for health care needs of under 1 million people. ‎Lynn Edwards and Tara Sampalli will share with us on how the system is designed for primary health care and will present on their work with the Wagner CDM model to develop a CDPM Corridor which outlines ways to support those with multiple chronic conditions as they live with their condition and interface with the system.

For more information about the model, plese look at the document: CDPM Corridor

We are very happy to be able to meet and learn together with our friends from Canada!

Warm welcome!


Primary Care Centres Bra Liv , Lotta Larsdotter

Senior alert, Susanne Lundblad

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