Welcome to Bradford H. Gray

Bradford H. Gray, a researcher and writer from Washington, DC comes to Jönköping in order to write about Esther network and Senior Alert Quality Registry. Bradford works at Urban Institute, which role is to shape decisions, and offer solutions through economic and social policy research: http://www.urban.org/about

He held previously senior policy research positions at the New York Academy of Medicine, Yale University, and the Institute of Medicine.

We feel much honored about hosting Bradford in Region Jönköping County.

Warm welcome!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Bradford H. Gray

  1. Hi Brad,

    Very welcome to Sweden and to the Esther Network.We are honored by your interest and visit. It is always a challenge how to provide seamless, integrated and personcentered care. Looking forward to constructive conversations and mutual learning. We will meet you at the annual Esther day on the 6 th October in Nässjö.You are most welcome to join our conversations, workshops and interview participants.
    See you soon.Best wishes,

    Nicoline Vackerberg


  2. Brad!
    Looking forward meeting you today. We are very honored for your and your organizations recognition of our work. Would be great if you also share the notion you are doing while you are here, we have still a lot to learn.
    Talk soon


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