Welcome Norway!

A group from Norwegian Forum on Quality in Healthcare is coming to visit us and learn together June 8. The group’s main areas of interest are: strategies for quality development and the role of Qulturum as a quality improvement centre, how to develop knowledge and how to sustain improvements, measurementsa and also Qulturum’s engagement in national initiatives. The group also wishes to visit Medical Rehabilitation Unit at Ryhov County Hospital, which is well-known for their work with quality improvement.

We hope for a good exchange of knowledge and building networks with our collegues from Norway.

Warm welcome!

Programme for Co-learning with Norway

2 thoughts on “Welcome Norway!

  1. Warm welcome our dear neighbors!
    We’re very happy to meet you and once again work together on developing cooperation and build even deeper understanding between our counties and cultures.
    I am sure that we will find many common reference points and approaches to improve our systems.
    My colleagues and I are very honored and looking forward to sharing with you the story of Qulturum and the history of quality improvement journey at our county that started over 20 years ago.
    It is always very enjoyable to share stories and examples that made positive impacts and that you’re proud of but having the exchange of great examples and future visions is even more gratifying.

    So let’s learn together!

    Kindest regards,
    Göran Henriks


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