Warm welcome Laura!

Laura Leviton is a  senior advisor for evaluation vid Robert Wood Johnson foundation  http://www.rwjf.org/en/about-rwjf/leadership-staff/L/laura-c–leviton–ph-d-.html. Laura visits Jönköping on June 8-12 in order to lecture at the Jönköping Academy for Improvement of Health and Welfare but also to learn more about our health and care and how different actors cooperate to create best possible value for the inhabitants. Laura is going to meet different people from Region Jönköping County, Jönköpin University, municipality of Jönköping and we are looking forward to hear about Lauras thoughts and reflections!

Programme for co-learning with Laura


Region Jönköping County, Agneta Jansmyr

Child as relative, Linda Frank

Child obesity, Linda Frank

Laura and Galina’s blog about their learnings from Jönköping

One thought on “Warm welcome Laura!

  1. Dear Laura,
    It is a great honor to be hosting you in Jönköping. We’re looking forward to learning together with you. Integration of healthcare and social services with the users in the center is one of our priorities in our work with quality improvement, as it is vital to achieve best possible value for the citizens in our county and to promote health and wellbeing.
    Working with quality registries is one way to achieve it. During the last decade we have been striving to develop and integrate this working method as we believe and have evidence that it helps to see ‘the whole’ in the patient care processes and that it helps to work proactively.
    I hope you’ll see many examples of integrated services in Jönköping County and that you’ll give us your valuable thoughts on how to take next steps in this ongoing work that is also very much depending on the willingness to co-learn.

    Warm welcome,
    Göran Henriks

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